History of the Lane End British Legion

The Lane End Branch of the Royal British Legion was formed on 27th June 1921 which was some 4 weeks prior to the establishment of the parent organisation.

The Legion's motto is "Service not self" and this is the formation of all activities of the legion. The principle aim of the Legion is to bring the unity of all those men and women who have served, at any time in any branch of the services or any auxiliary force and are ordinary members.
Membership is also open to those who have sympathy to the aims of the Legion but have not served in the services. There is a small but flourishing Women's Section open to all ladies to join.

The headquarters of the branch was established at the Lane End Village Memorial hall that had been designed, funded and constructed by Lane Enders as a permanent memorial to those who fell during the First Great War. Branch members parade every Remembrance Sunday at 11 O'clock at the memorial porch of the Memorial Village Hall followed by a service at the Church and prior to this parade at the Wheeler End Memorial to honour the fallen of both the World Wars and other conflicts. The Branch also informally assembles at the New Village Memorial on the 11th November each year.

The original Standards of the men and women's sections are laid-up in Holy Trinity Church and the current Standards are paraded on Remembrance Sunday. The branch Standard has been carried at the Cenotaph in Whitehall and the Royal Tournament. The men's section Standard also carries the Legion's 75 year pennant when paraded.

During the 79 years of existence the Branch membership has fluctuated from 250 members during the period 1945/51 to the present day membership of 60. A Branch Committee oversees the activities of the branch. Welfare is provided by the Bucks County RBL Welfare Group and addresses the needs of members with illnesses and other needs offering convalescence homes and a comprehensive advice service on various matters such as pensions,war widows pensions and other general Welfare matters.

The Branch is represented on various local and Buckinghamshire committees and sends a representative to the Annual County Conference.

The Lane End Branch has no Branch Club building, the feature of many larger towns and therefore fosters its own social activities such as mini holidays, day trips and outings. The Band Concert and Christmas Dinner Dance are popular functions in the Lane End Diary.